February 2015
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JData in the Field

March 8-10: Amy Sales and Nicole Samuel will be at the North American Jewish Day School Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Join Amy Sunday at 3 p.m. for Uncommon Connections, Big Questions: How research gets answers for your school. Get a new view on what it means to do school research. Come away with a plan for getting the answers you need.

JData wants to learn more about day schools. If you are a day school professional, please make sure your school is counted. Click here to learn more.
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Make a (J)Date with JData

Jonathan J.C. Cohen

Jewish leaders are deeply and passionately immersed in the work that they do, as are the people with whom they work most closely, be they lay leaders or professionals. Given these deep commitments to "our" organization, it is easy to apply the transitive property and assume that the whole world knows and understands "our" organization's mission and vision. Every once in a while, though, it's worth checking that assumption.


This past fall, we at JData decided to ask a few questions of you, the people on our email distribution list. We weren't looking to conduct high-level research----though that is the hallmark of what we and our colleagues at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies do. We just wanted to know how to best connect with the people on our distribution list.


Thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey. We are very pleased with the response rate and want to share some of what we learned.




Data's Role in Growing Enrollment

Amy Sales

How is your school's enrollment growing, and what can you do to raise the trend line? Here is a lesson from 35 Jewish day schools that are working to build their enrollments.


Enrollment, the bedrock of the strength and sustainability of Jewish educational institutions, depends on successful recruitment and retention of participants. Data play an important role in the effort to grow enrollment.


Our model was first applied last year in the PEJE Recruitment and Retention Academy, a concerted effort to help schools improve how they build their enrollments. The analysis and use of the data follows six steps (described below). We invite you to go to and try these out for your own school:

  1. Assess best practices in retention and recruitment.
  2. Track attrition.
  3. Calculate recruitment success rate.
  4. Understand enrollment.
  5. Measure capacity utilization.
  6. Link best practices to enrollment.

JData in Action: Pittsburgh 

Raimy Rubin Raimy Rubin contributes the first in an ongoing "JData in Action" series highlighting how JData is being put to good use by our Stakeholders.


Given how the nonprofit sector lags behind the corporate world when it comes to data collection, it is encouraging to know that JData is available to help organizations focused on Jewish education to track their growth, identify areas for improvement, and understand their capacity. Lord knows we can use all the help we can get. Here in Pittsburgh, we are dedicated to building a healthy and valuable data habit. To that end, we are now in our third year of partnership with JData, and have embarked on our own unique Pittsburgh Jewish Community Scorecard. 


News from JData

  • The 2013-14 Jewish Education in Detroit report is now available.

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