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April 2012
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JData Meets Development at the Core
Use JData to Assess Where Your Organization Stands



April 2012     

April 17: My Data is in JData, Now What?: Day Schools     


April 24: My Data is in JData, Now What?: Overnight Camps  


April 25: Managing your JData Profile   


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Note from the Director  

JData has two main tasks: to get data into the system and to get information out of it. Part of our effort is to educate the heads of schools, camps, and early childhood centers about the value of a shared information system and to guide them in entering essential information about their organizations. The other part is demonstrating how to get information from JData and how to use the website to answer questions about the field of Jewish education in North America.

This month's JData Revealed looks at four questions about organization governance as it relates to fundraising. It gives answers, but then also explains how any user could retrieve similar----or even more nuanced----information from the system. We also encourage you to think about how this information might inform your own work in helping to build the field of Jewish education.

We hope you find this information useful and send you best wishes for a sweet Passover, a zeisen Pesach,


Amy L. Sales, Ph.D.
Project Director 
Senior Research Scientist
Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies 

JData Revealed:
JData Meets Development at the Core

 Development at the Core is a program we have designed to help Jewish organizations---- including overnight camps and day schools---- do a better job of raising annual dollars. Juxtaposing key principles from this program with findings from JData reveals the extent to which Jewish educational organizations have the requisite elements for successful annual campaigns.

Three premises underlie this work:

  • The success of a nonprofit largely depends on the quality of its governing board.    
  • The board's primary responsibility is to secure the financial resources needed to fulfill the organization's important mission.  
  • Nonprofit schools and camps will always need to generate financial resources. They cannot live on fees and tuition alone, primarily because many families receive financial assistance and do not pay full tuition. The gap between total operating cost and revenues from tuition and fees needs to be made up from other sources: annual campaign, endowment fund, federation allocation, other unrestricted gifts, and public funding. Most notably, the gap needs to be covered every year. 


JData Revealed:
Use JData to Assess Where Your Organization Stands 

If you are involved in a day school, camp, or early childhood center, you can use the information above to see where your organization stands vis-à-vis the wider field in terms of these key elements of fundraising:

  • Annual campaign
  • Endowment fund
  • Committee on board recruitment
  • Development committee
  • Minimum gift requirement of board members
  • Full board participation in annual giving
  • Board participation in solicitation


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