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October 2012
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Quality of the Data
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Thursday, October 11

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Note from the Director  

September/October is a special time with the opening of the new school year, the rhythm of the Jewish holidays, and the perceptible changing of the seasons. For JData, these months also mark the beginning of a new year of partnerships, a new round of data collection, and new opportunities to bring useful data to the Jewish education world.

One of our main tasks at JData is insuring
that the data are trustworthy. Since JData is an open system in which every school, camp, and early childhood center can enter its own information, quality assurance is no small matter. This newsletter describes efforts underway to continuously improve the quality of data available from JData. As with last month's issue, our goal is to explain how the system works and invite your participation in using it in support of Jewish education. We hope you find this information to be of value and welcome your questions and comments.

With best wishes for the new year,

Amy L. Sales, Ph.D.

Project Director
Senior Research Scientist
Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies  

Quality of the Data 

A frequent question about JData is whether people tell the truth on their organization's profile form. Although we joke that they are confusing us with JDate, the serious side of the question concerns the quality of the data housed in the database.  


Why you should care. Our federation partners are making allocations to schools based on enrollment data entered into the system. PEJE is using various metrics in JData to assess the efficacy of its services to day schools. FJC is using the data to see how the capacity and strength of the overnight camps are growing over time. Read more... 


News from JData 

  • The Jewish overnight camps have begun entering their numbers from Summer 2012. In addition to the Foundation for Jewish Camp, the Grinspoon Institute is now partnering with JData. We are delighted to welcome the Grinspoon Institute and expect that together these partnerships will raise the level of usage of camp data this year.

  • Amy Sales, JData Project Director, will be at the Grinspoon Institute Annual Conference in Springfield, MA on November 5, presenting "hot off the press" findings in a session called "From Analysis to Action: A Data-Based Conversation about Camp."  

  • JData is convening its partner organizations at the General Assembly in Baltimore on November 12. Included in the gathering are the federations, central agencies for Jewish education, and national agencies that have adopted JData as their data collection platform.

JData is operated by Brandeis University with generous support from the Jim Joseph Foundation 

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