JData Confidentiality Policies

The information you enter into the JData system remains completely confidential and will be used only anonymously in the aggregate. JData also has policies in place to ensure that entered data is both accurate and complete.

There are two scenarios in which someone else may view your organization's data:

  1. If you grant permission to your local federation/central agency or to a national agency (e.g., PEJE, FJC) on the "Data Privacy" tab of the profile form. In this case professionals at the designated agency may view your data.

  2. JData staff may access your data for the purposes of technical support and quality assurance.


Comparison reports are designed to show how your organization compares to peer organizations. To ensure confidentiality, comparison reports are only displayed when data are available from at least five organizations.

Similarly, if fewer than five organizations responded to a particular question, data for that question are not displayed. In addition, if you do not answer a particular question in the profile form you cannot view the responses of other organizations to that question.


JData's Research functions allow all users to explore the database and learn about the field of Jewish education. Protections are in place to assure that no individual organization can be identified through either Basic of Crosstab Analysis.

  1. Results only appear if there are at least five responding organizations.

  2. Results are shown only in the aggregate. Data points are combined into ranges, and are not listed individually. Only summary statistics are displayed.

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