Data Quality Procedures

JData currently has the following procedures in place to ensure accurate and complete data:

  1. Input restrictions: Selected fields in the profile form accept only a certain type or number of characters. This avoids extra zeros and incorrect characters at the point of data entry.

  2. Invalid character: Values with strange characters or values such as "0" for grades that don't exist are corrected by JData staff.

  3. Analysis: As we analyze data for reports, presentations, and articles, we find data that don't make sense. Again, these are flagged for validation with the school or camp.

  4. Validation: Schools or camps with outlier or improbable values are contacted by JData staff via phone or email. Incorrect values are corrected in the database by JData staff after speaking with the school or camp and receiving permission to edit their profile. In the event we are unable to reach a school or camp within ten business days, impossible values are removed from the database until such time as we can obtain the correct value. For the full Data Validation Policy, click here.

Our fulltime data manager, Matthew Feinberg, monitors data as it is entered and continually analyzes and validates data from schools and camps.

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