There are 31 Jewish early childhood centers in the Boston area.

How do we know?

JData has compiled the only comprehensive directory of Jewish educational organizations in North America. This directory includes program name, address, and contact information, and is available to the public. The directory is searchable by location, type of organization, and denomination.

Search the JData Directory

To answer the question: "How many Jewish early childhood centers are there in Boston?" navigate to the directory page.

1. Select "Boston Area" in the community dropdown menu.

In the list of location filters, clicking in the box labeled "Choose a community" reveals the dropdown menu. Or begin typing "Boston" and click on "Boston area" when it appears.

2. Select "early childhood center" in the list of organization types.

Check the box next to "early childhood center."

3. Search the directory.

Click the pink button at the bottom of the page to generate a list of all Jewish early childhood centers in Boston.


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