Entering Data

Entering Data

To begin entering your organization's data, you will need your organization's

Our Data Dictionaries define terms and offer hint text to assure that all organizations respond to items in the same way, thereby allowing for reliable "apples-to-apples" comparisons among organizations.

Sample profile forms may be found here:

Entering Data For Past Years

Data can be entered for the current year or for prior years at any time, and Profile Forms may be edited and updated as often as needed. To enter data from a past year, select the desired year in the dropdown menu on your Profile Page and click Enter Data.

Saving and Submitting Data

Your data is automatically saved as you edit. You can also save your data at any time by clicking Save in the top right and bottom right corners of the page. Click Save and Exit when you have finished entering data to return to your Profile Page. If you have granted access to your local federation, central agency, or appropriate national agency, data will be available for review as it is saved.

Idle Profile Forms are automatically saved and closed after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Browser Information

The JData profile form is best viewed using the most current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. We strongly discourage the use of Internet Explorer, though versions 7.0 and higher are supported. Click here to check which browser you are using.

Click on the any of the links below to download and install the browser of your choice.

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