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JData provides information and analysis on the field of Jewish education in North America.

  1. JData conducts and publishes analyses based on data in the database. These can be found in our newsletters, JData Revealed, and on the Publications page of the website.
  2. JData offers a public Research tool that enables users to run frequencies or cross-tabs on most variables in the database.
  3. JData offers custom data analysis to individual users with specific questions.

To order a customized analysis, contact our support center (; 781-736-3941) with your request. You will receive notification of the data we have related to your question, the analyses we can provide, and the amount of time involved. If the analysis is extensive, you will be notified of the charge to cover researcher time. Once we have agreement, we will conduct the analysis, create a report, and email results to you.

JData is a public service that relies on fees and charitable donations. In return for these data services, we ask that you make a contribution of $36 to support the work of JData. Checks should be made out to "Brandeis University.” Indicate "JData" on the memo line, and mail to the following address:

Center for Modern Jewish Studies
Brandeis University
Mailstop 014
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Note: Requested analyses of general interest may also be posted to the JData website.

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