Data Export Request

JData is a website and database that gathers and makes available annual information on enrollment, staffing, budgets, and governance in Jewish educational organizations in the United States. JData’s mission includes the provision of data in support of research in Jewish education.

If you are a researcher, you may request data downloads from JData. Send your request to, with the subject line "Request for data export". The request should include the following:

  1. Title or topic of the research
  2. Abstract
  3. Research funder and/or sponsor
  4. Purpose of the research (e.g., dissertation, conference presentation, publication)
  5. Requested fields and parameters of the dataset (sector, year, other delimiters)
  6. Requested format (excel or spss)
To see the fields included in JData:
  • Refer to the sample profile forms on the website, which are located on the Help page.
  • Scroll through the variable list on the Research page (Basic Analysis) after selecting a year and type of organization.

After you receive notification of what JData can provide, you should confirm the order and state your agreement to the Conditions of Use (below). The data will then be emailed to you in the requested format.

Conditions of Use
  1. The researcher agrees to use these data only in the aggregate and in no way to violate the confidentiality of the educational organizations providing the data.
  2. The research will reference JData in any resulting paper, article, or report. ("Data retrieved from on [date]")
  3. The researcher will provide JData with a copy of any published article or report based on these data and grant permission to JData to refer to the publication(s) on the JData website.

JData is a public service that relies on fees and charitable donations. In return for these data services, we ask that you make a contribution of $36 to support the work of JData. Checks should be made out to "Brandeis University.” Indicate "JData" on the memo line, and mail to the following address:

Center for Modern Jewish Studies
Brandeis University
Mailstop 014
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

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