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November 2015     
JData Revealed

Amy L. Sales, Project Director

With the shifting landscape of Jewish education, it is difficult to predict the future of congregational and other part-time Jewish schools. In terms of research, there is scant data on part-time schools to inform planning and action.

JData has stepped into the breach and assumed responsibility for regularly gathering information from these schools.

Amy L. Sales
Part-time Schools: A Mighty System Slowly Wanes

Amy L. Sales, Project Director

Jewish part-time schools are the most pervasive form of Jewish education in the United States. According to JData estimates, they may reach a quarter-million Jewish children and their families every year. Yet the landscape is best described as static or in decline.

Rabbi Scott Aaron
JData in Action: Community Foundation for Jewish Education, Chicago

Chicago's Jewish community is tightly knit for a city of its size. Even at over a quarter-million members we tend to know a lot about each other. That, however, has not been the case in terms of Jewish education.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Crown Family, the CFJE began to utilize JData to gather critical information about our Jewish education programs.

Nathan J. Vaughan

Nathan J. Vaughan, Research Associate

As enrollment in part-time schools declines, educators need to pay closer attention to student attrition. It's important to understand why students leave and where they go.

In 2014-15, CFJE used JData to gather such information from part-time school leaders. The results proved intriguing and useful for CFJE's work.

On December 1, JData will embark on the second year of our day school financial sustainability benchmarking project. The Year 1 results showed schools where they stand vis-à-vis other day schools on key measures related to enrollment, budget, and fundraising.

Year 2 will help schools assess their rate of change on these measures in comparison with that of other schools. To find out about joining the benchmarking project, click here.

Your gift to JData helps ensure that the Jewish community will continue to benefit from JData's data and research services.
JData is operated by Brandeis University with generous support from the Jim Joseph Foundation, The AVI CHAI Foundation, and JData's stakeholders.
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