Make sure your day school is counted.

JData's recent Financial Sustainability report reviews last year's findings of the day school benchmarking project. This fall we launch a new year of data collection, once more extending our longitudinal view of the field. Use the JData Benchmarking Worksheet to assess your school's standing in 2014-15.

In using JData to track your school's core metrics, your day school will leverage the power of shared information while benefitting from a protected, confidential database. (Click here for more on JData’s confidentiality policies.) The aggregate results will also help us provide valuable information on the field. The more we know, the better we can support your work and report national trends in Jewish day school education.

The questions listed below are the data points needed from your school at this time. You may of course always complete the full form to make better use of JData’s comparison and longitudinal tracking tools.

To begin, log in at If you would like help creating your JData account or have forgotten your login, contact us at 781-736-3941 or You may also reset your password using this link.

Click the yellow "Enter Data" button to be taken into your schools current profile form, and enter the following information.

  1. On the General Info tab, check to make sure your school's information is accurate.

  2. On the Students tab:
    • Enter Total K-12 enrollment for school year 2015-2016.

    • Enter Total K-12 enrollment for the last school year (2014-2015).

    • In the "Capacity" section, enter your program capacity (second question in the section).

  3. On the Budget tab:
    • In the "FY16 Budget: Expenses" section enter your total budgeted expenses

    • In the "FY16 Budget: Resources" section, fill out total financial aid dollars and number of recipients, and complete the Revenue sources table.

    • Complete the "Reserves" section.

  4. On the Development Tab:
    • Indicate if your school ran an Annual Campaign in FY15. If yes, enter the amount raised from FY15 campaign.

    • In the "Assets" section, indicate if your school has an endowment fund. If your school does have an endowment fund, enter its value at the end of the Fiscal Year for FY15/school year 2014-2015.

If your school is missing any of the above metrics for the last academic year, you may enter these data points as well by selecting "2014 - 2015" from the dropdown menu at and clicking the yellow "Enter Data" button.

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